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When your child reaches year 11, or sixth form there are lots of decisions to make – should they apply for university? Should they go straight into a job? Should they do an apprenticeship? The opportunities are endless but it can feel daunting and frustrating having to go search through lots of different websites to try and find the best option. We’ve compiled everything you need to know about apprenticeships in one easy to manage page to help you and your child make the best decision for them. 

We have more information about the whole process which can be requested by getting in touch with us below

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Why choose AIM Group Foundation? 
It takes your child just 10 minutes to sign up to our services, enabling our team to get in touch with them and find out what they are looking to gain from an apprenticeship, the type they are able to do and which industry they are interested in working in. We can then help them find work, or alternatively add them to a mailing list where they can be emailed about relevant opportunities until they are ready to apply for a role with us. 
Once they are ready to apply for a role we will assist them with their CV, their job application(s) and coach them through the interview process should they require it. We will call for feedback after the interview and ensure that all parties are happy with the job placement before your child is put into the workplace. Additionally, we only work with trusted employers and training providers so you can be sure that whatever apprenticeship your child wishes to do they will be in safe hands from the start of their application process right up until they are hired.

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