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The AIM Group Foundation is a not-for-profit branch of the AIM Group organisation. Through our extensive network of schools and NEET* organisations we support young people of all abilities and social backgrounds. By promoting equality, diversity and inclusion as our core values, it shows that we are passionate about driving social mobility. We want to do this by making sure everyone, regardless of background or location has an equal opportunity to career prospects, has a fair chance of reaching their potential and is armed with the tools to succeed. 
*Not in Employment, Education or Training

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Make a Difference Today

A letter from our CEO, Lewis Mazdon 
I started the AIM Group in 2014 with the hope of transforming the lives of young people across the UK. Initially I was a one-man-band visiting schools to make students aware of the different apprenticeship opportunities available to them, but since then have broadly expanded our approach and now have a team of employees completely dedicated to the charity side of the AIM Group which we are planning to continue to grow throughout 2021. 

Through our three-prong approach we are reforming perceptions of various post 16 routes that differ from university by positively engaging with young people, including those who face barriers to progression. We support social mobility through creating equal employment opportunities by working alongside our trusted training providers and corporate sponsors. 

1. Inspire: Our School Engagement Coordinators and Recruiters attend schools and job fairs and inspire students by informing them of all of the different apprenticeship opportunities available. Our Pre-employability Team also works closely with the AIM Group Foundation to support different social mobility projects we run with our corporate sponsors, inspiring potential course learners to take the next step. 

2. Develop: When young people choose to come on-board with us, we offer them more than a job opportunity – we offer them a career in the sector they are interested in. We have a range of educational and developmental opportunities available depending on their pathway, from lower level apprenticeships and pre-employability courses, to degree level apprenticeships and vocational courses. 

3. Empower: Their new qualification will empower them to start or move forward with a career they are interested in and give everyone the chance to work in different sectors without having to go to university. 

We can offer an unrivalled and bespoke service for businesses which are looking to expand their current team and reach out to the wider community to find their future employees. 

Please do get in touch should you require any more information; our friendly team are always on hand to help. 

~ Lewis Mazdon, Chief Executive Officer

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